Zebra ZQ110 Mobile Label Printer
Zebra ZQ110 Mobile Printer ZQ1-0UB0E020-00

Zebra ZQ110 Mobile Label Printer Range

The Zebra ZQ110 Mobile Label Printer printer range is a good choice for price-conscious buyers. TheZebra ZQ110 mobile printer supports businesses and employees who are constantly on the move. As Zebra’s most compact printer, the pocket-size ZQ110 weighs only 0.5 lbs.

It can withstand drops to concrete of up to 1.2m.  When paired with the optional carrying case, it meets IP54 rating.

The Zebra ZQ110 prints 2-inch receipts at speeds up to 3.5 inches-per-second.  Designed to conserve battery power, these printers have a ‘sleep mode’ function. Made for iPod®/iPhone®/iPad®” (MFi) certified, the ZQ110 mobile printers also support Bluetooth® or wireless connectivity to a range of Apple®, Android™ and Windows® devices.

Zebra’s smallest and most affordable mobile receipt printer, the Zebra ZQ110 is compact and lightweight. The printer is small enough to fit in a pocket or wear comfortably on a belt for an entire shift. Quickly print and tear 2-inch-wide receipts, tickets and delivery notices on site, saving time and money—all while improving customer service.

The Zebra ZQ110 printer provides seamless integration into existing mobile solutions. It is “Made for iPod®/ iPhone®/iPad®” (MFi) certified. The printer series supports Bluetooth® or wireless (802.11b/g/n WLAN) connectivity to a wide range of Apple®, Android™ and Windows® mobile devices.

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Zebra ZQ110 Mobile Label Printer

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