Colormetrics C1000 Rugged Tablet Range

The Colormetrics C1000 mPOS: the answer to the ever-louder call for a mobile POS which not only impresses at the POS itself, but also in neighbouring areas of usage, such as in warehouses or during inventory. The flexible Colormetrics 1000 tablet is ideal in these and many other applications: for taking and processing orders in restaurants, as a sales assistant in retail, and naturally as a POS. Are you looking for something stationary? With two accessory articles you transform the Colormetrics C1000 mPOS into a fully-fledged POS, with a removable mobile PC.

Colormetrics C1000 Rugged Tablet

SKU: C1000

Stock : 32                   SKU: COL295144                   MPN: C1000 mPOS-A
£700.19 exc. VAT

Stock : 23                   SKU: COL295145                   MPN: C1000 mPOS-AR
£747.57 exc. VAT

Stock : 94                   SKU: COL295146                   MPN: C1000 mPOS-W
£1047.16 exc. VAT

Stock : 5                   SKU: COL295147                   MPN: C1000 mPOS-WR
£886.50 exc. VAT
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