Colormetrics P2100

The all-in-one POS system Colormetrics P2100 is a dependable partner at the checkout, and especially in hospitality. The display has an integrated resistive or PCAP touch screen with a bezel-free surface. The system withstands liquids, dust and dirt, is easy to clean and catches the eye with its sleek and modern design, every day. Powerful components for reliable continuous operation and cleverly fitting peripheral devices increase the complete system’s attractiveness.

The flat, aluminium-housed panel contains the complete PC system. Take advantage of this feature and install the device without its stand directly to a wall bracket or swivel wall mount using its VESA mounting capability. This opens interesting possibilities at the checkout, while saving a lot of space. The stable stand for desktop operation makes sure that it stays in its place even in hectic everyday business. The touch screen has a screen size of 38.1 cm (15”) and a display resolution of 1,024 x 768 pixels, which ensures appealing picture quality.

Additionally, it has a brightness of 350 Nits and displays up to 16.2 million colours.

The POS system’s fanless operation is a further advantage. The P2100 runs almost completely noiselessly and much more reliably than fan-cooled systems, since it does not draw in dust and foreign objects that could lead to failure. This spares users maintenance work and unnecessary downtimes.

Colormetrics P2100 Touch Computers

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