Custom K3

Custom K3 Retail POS Printer

Custom K3 is the ideal product to print receipts, coupons, kitchen orders, invoices and tickets. K3 is an elegant and highly performing product, designed and conceived to suit any and all environments: be it a luxury fashion shop, a fine restaurant or a large warehouse. K3 is equipped with an avant-garde technological package, WiFi module, application notes for Android and a special feature to print from Apple devices, like iPhone, iPodTouch and iPad. Using the product is further simplified by the illuminated tactile feed and cover opening buttons, so that K3 is intuitive and performing as soon as you start working on it. In addition, a LED will illuminate to indicate that servicing is required and when the paper roll is exhausted the cover mechanism will open automatically, thus prompting the user to quickly and easily replace it. K3 can be wall-mounted in vertical position.

Custom Custom K3 POS Printer

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