Datalogic Heron HD3440 Cordless Scanner

Corded imagers offering an innovative and unique design with illuminating colors and custom sounds. Reads any 1D and 2D codes.

The Heron HD3430 2D imager provides a stunning black carbon-fiber look or a white silver color option, emphasizing the curving lines of the Herons enclosure. The imager also offers opportunities to incorporate a company brand identity by allowing customers to compose the perfect blend: combining a company logo with the top cover color with customized visual and audio feedback in order to reinforce the value of the customers brand. The Heron HD3430 area imager provides outstanding 2D reading performance and image capture capability. It also includes the patented ‘Green Spot’ technology for good-read feedback. User comfort is maximized with the Heron HD3430 white illumination and the highly visible 4-Dot aimer defines a precise reading zone. The aimers center cross provides a locator for targeted scanning in a multiple bar code environment.

Datalogic Heron 3400 Barcode Scanner

SKU: Heron 3400

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