Datamax I-Class Mark II Industrial Barcode Printers

Datamax-ONeils I-Class revolutionized the barcode printer industry with its award winning modular design, field installable options and rugged reliability. For the past several years, resellers have named the I-Class the best channel product in some of the industrys largest third-party surveys. Now weve raised the bar even higher, with the redesigned I-Class Mark II. Offering the fastest processor, largest memory and widest selection of communication ports available in a mid-range printer, the I-Class Mark II provides lower operating costs and flawless print quality. For applications as diverse as shipping and receiving, product identification, pharmacy labeling and asset tracking, the I-Class Mark II will maintain its reputation for providing outstanding for performance, reliability and value.

Datamax I-4310 Mid Range Label Printer

SKU: I-4310
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    4 Inch

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