Honeywell Datamax M-Class Mark II Compact Industrial Printer

The M-4206 is the newest addition to the Family of Datamax printers and the first in a series of forthcoming M-Class printers. The M-Class combines industry-recognized engineering and a superior design, borrowed from the industry-leading Datamax I-Class printers. The M-4206 was designed to exceed the expectations of the most demanding users. The M-4206 is built on a die-cast aluminum chassis to enhance durability and performance. The printer’s design allows for field installable options and quick media changes for users requiring mission-critical printing capabilities. The Honeywell Datamax M-Class features a compact, modular design for use in environments with limited space and offers low total cost of ownership. Options such as Thermal transfer, Internal Rewind, Peel and Present and a Cutter are user-installable and removable. By incorporating these successful design features into a user-friendly, small footprint printer, the M-Class exceeds today’s bar coding and labeling requirements. The Honeywell Datamax M-Class printer is intended to address the needs of new users of bar coding technology, as well as the prominent choice for users who have aging thermal printers that need to be replaced.

Datamax M-4308 Mid Range Label Printer

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