Epson TM-J7200 POS Receipt Printer

The Epson TM-J7200 multifunctional inkjet receipt printer has been designed for use in retail environments where the facility to print receipts as well as slips, forms and coupons is required. The Epson TM-J7200 POS printer uses inkjet technology for faster, higher quality printing, while maintaining a low TCO and backwards compatibility. Epson has managed to incorporate inkjet technology into this new model while retaining a similar low total cost of ownership to previous dot matrix units. To make upgrading from existing models incredibly easy, the TM-J7200 is fully backwards-compatible with the TM-J7000 and has exactly the same footprint, so it can simply be swapped in. However to integrate smoothly with the latest ePOS systems, the new model offers both USB and Ethernet connection options.

Epson TM-J7200 POS Printer

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    3 Inch

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