Glancetron POS Monitors and Touchscreen POS Monitors

Glancetron offers a variety of standard and touch POS monitors, suitable for most applications in retail and hospitality.

Glancetron Monitors and Touchscreen Monitors
Glancetron GT8-VN POS Monitor, 8-Inch Screen
Glancetron GT8-VP POS Touch Monitor, 8-Inch Projected Capacitive Touch Screen
Glancetron GT15plus 15-Inch Intergrated Touch Monitor
Glancetron GT17plus 17-Inch Intergrated Touch Monitor
Glancetron 22 Intergrated Touch Monitor, 22-Inch

Glancetron Touch Monitors

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Stock : 0                   SKU: GL01001                   MPN: LCD8NBK
£96.04 exc. VAT

Stock : 6                   SKU: GL01002                   MPN: P080VP
£198.65 exc. VAT

Stock : 0                   SKU: GL01003                   MPN: GT15plus
£10009.00 exc. VAT

Stock : 15                   SKU: GL01004                   MPN: GT17plus
£374.90 exc. VAT

Stock : 1                   SKU: GL01005                   MPN: VT-22WDTL
£461.89 exc. VAT
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