Honeywell Dolphin CT60 Mobile Computer

Built on the Mobility Edge platform, the Dolphin CT60 offers an integrated, repeatable, and scalable approach based on a common hardware and software platform unleashing customers from constraints faced today around integration and inflexible technologies without sacrificing enterprise security, reliability, performance, or management features. Juggling multiple devices across the enterprise introduces time- and cost- intensive complexities for Enterprise IT to manage and maintain. Built on a unified, dynamic hardware and software platform, the Dolphin CT60 is the first device to launch in a series of devices that enable customers to accelerate the provisioning, certification, and deployment of mobile solutions across the enterprise, simplify overall lifecycle management, and extend product lifecycle. Equipped with enterprise lifecycle tools, the Dolphin CT60 brings simplicity to the frequent tasks of software updates, training new employees, managing spare pools, and reducing investments in peripherals.

Honeywell CT60 Handheld Computer


Stock : 11                   SKU: HO101530                   MPN: CT60-L0N-ARC110E
£1392.41 exc. VAT

Stock : 0                   SKU: HO101531                   MPN: CT60-L0N-ARC210E
£1227.05 exc. VAT

Stock : 61                   SKU: HO101532                   MPN: CT60-L0N-ASC110E
£1266.73 exc. VAT

Stock : 1721                   SKU: HO101533                   MPN: CT60-L0N-ASC210E
£1266.73 exc. VAT

Stock : 1                   SKU: HO101534                   MPN: CT60-L0N-BRC210E
£1129.04 exc. VAT

Stock : 0                   SKU: HO101535                   MPN: CT60-L0N-BSC110E
£1381.92 exc. VAT

Stock : 123                   SKU: HO101536                   MPN: CT60-L0N-BSC210E
£1302.41 exc. VAT

Stock : 0                   SKU: HO101538                   MPN: CT60-L1N-ADC210E
£1349.42 exc. VAT

Stock : 503                   SKU: HO101539                   MPN: CT60-L1N-ARC210E
£1327.25 exc. VAT

Stock : 0                   SKU: HO101540                   MPN: CT60-L1N-ARC212E
£1060.38 exc. VAT

Stock : 1032                   SKU: HO101541                   MPN: CT60-L1N-ASC210E
£1327.25 exc. VAT

Stock : 0                   SKU: HO101542                   MPN: CT60-L1N-BDC210E
£1359.83 exc. VAT

Stock : 132                   SKU: HO101543                   MPN: CT60-L1N-BRC210E
£1383.20 exc. VAT

Stock : 25                   SKU: HO101544                   MPN: CT60-L1N-BSC210E
£1419.82 exc. VAT
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