Honeywell EDA60K Mobile Computer EDA60K-0-N223ENEOK

Honeywell Scanpal EDA60K

The ScanPal EDA60K mobile computer is Honeywells new light industry handheld device featuring a highly adaptable design. From the well-received Android operating system and dual-band Wi-Fi connection to robust storage capabilities and advanced data entry options, the ScanPal EDA60K device is ideal for frontline workers in retail inventory management, distribution centers, and e-commerce logistics. The ScanPal EDA60K device features an ergonomic 30-key numeric physical keyboard, as well as flexible 1D and 2D scan engine options making it well-suited for picking, packing, putaway, and other workflows that require fast standard-range scanning and frequent keypad data input. But it also has an easy-to-use modern touchscreen for intuitive, simplified access to the Android system and essential business applications.

Honeywell EDA60K Handheld Computer


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