Honeywell Genesis XP 7680g Presentation Scanner

The Honeywell Genesis XP 7680g is a hands-free presentation scanner that delivers an impactful customer experience while increasing business productivity. Featuring extreme performance XP scanning technology in a flexible design that fits multiple workflows. The compact, modern design features clean lines and warm, white illumination and the small footprint is ideal for contemporary retail environments. The Genesis XP features 20 percent faster scanning speed and a larger scanning area than previous products. Honeywells field proven XP technology handles poorly printed and damaged barcodes with ease. Featuring a full 1 mega-pixel imager and fast processor, the Genesis XP reads barcodes fast and handles a high level of motion tolerance resulting in fewer repeat scans, keeping employees productive and efficient. The compact and modern design offers a contemporary experience with minimal counter space required.

Honeywell Genesis 7680g Barcode Scanner

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