Honeywell PC42t Label Printer PC42TWE01323

Honeywell/Datamax PC42t Desktop Barcode Printer

The streamlined Datamax Honeywell PC42t Desktop Label Printer range is an economical choice for media up to 110 mm wide (4.3 in). The printers in this range can accommodate large ribbon sizes and can print longer before needing media replenishment. This means that Datamax PC42t can improve the productivity of labelling workflows.

The Datamax PC42t is priced affordably, includes modern features, and is a smart solution for small or medium businesses.

The features that make the Datamax Honeywell PC42t Desktop Label Printer options an easy upgrade from a variety of legacy Intermec and competitive printers are:

  • the compact size
  • support for common media as well as ZPL-II and EPL emulation
  • Honeywell Direct Protocol (DP)

If you’re looking to improve productivity in labelling applications this range of printers is perfect for you. The range includes:

Honeywell PC42t Desktop Label Printer

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  • Print Width :

    4 Inch

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