Honeywell RL3e & RL4e Mobile Label Printer

Honeywell RL3e & RL4e Mobile Label Printers

The Honeywell RL3e and RL4e rugged mobile label printers improve efficiency and productivity by allowing your team to print and apply barcode labels directly at the point of application.

By using Honeywell RL3e & RL4e Mobile Label Printer series to print on-demand labels, you’ll also eliminate the danger of mixing up batch-printed labels, which can lead to costly shipping errors. You can even mount the Honeywell RL3e and RL4e mobile printers on forklifts for added convenience and versatility.

The RL3e and RL4e printers certainly reflect the reputation of Honeywell for rugged and reliable portable receipt printers. The RL3e and RL4e mobile label printers include a two-year warranty free of charge. That’s double what the competition offers.

This printer series includes the following mobile printers:


Honeywell RL3e & RL4e Mobile Label Printer

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