Thor VM1A

Forklifts and vehicle-mounted computers are essential tools in the day to-day workflows of warehouses, manufacturing, ports, and intermodal environments. Forklift operators and distribution managers need to keep products moving in and out all day long, without compromise, with an advanced mobile solution that can keep up with your inventory replenishment and outgoing orders, your workforce, and your IT infrastructure. You need the Thor VM1A from Honeywell.

Built with many of the same easy-to-use, easy-to-maintain features of the popular Thor VM1 and CV41 models, the rugged, Android?-based Thor VM1A also offers all the advantages of Honeywells Mobility Edge platform including the ability to accelerate provisioning, application certification, and deployment across the enterprise. The Thor VM1A is upgradable from Android O to Android R, with extended security update support via Honeywell Sentinel to extend product lifecycle and maximize return on investment. The device?s advanced enterprise configuration and software support tools also simplify frequently repeated tasks such as unit setup and distribution of security and software updates. Compact, ergonomic, and powerful, the Thor VM1A has numerous breakthrough features designed to maximize productivity, minimize visual obstructions, and reduce or eliminate downtime.

Honeywell VM1A Vehicle Mounted Computer

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    Vehicle Mounted

Stock : 248                   SKU: HO102044                   MPN: VM1A-L0N-1A1A20E
£1789.14 exc. VAT

Stock : 0                   SKU: HO102045                   MPN: VM1A-L0N-1A1B20E
£1866.26 exc. VAT

Stock : 91                   SKU: HO102046                   MPN: VM1A-L0N-1A2A20E
£1907.31 exc. VAT

Stock : 0                   SKU: HO102047                   MPN: VM1A-L0N-1A2B20E
£1986.90 exc. VAT

Stock : 0                   SKU: HO102048                   MPN: VM1A-L0N-1A3A20E
£1946.68 exc. VAT

Stock : 61                   SKU: HO102049                   MPN: VM1A-L0N-1A4A20E
£1827.99 exc. VAT

Stock : 1                   SKU: HO102050                   MPN: VM1A-L0N-1A4B20E
£1863.64 exc. VAT

Stock : 15                   SKU: HO102051                   MPN: VM1A-L0N-1A6A20E
£1866.22 exc. VAT

Stock : 0                   SKU: HO102052                   MPN: VM1A-L0N-1A6B20E
£1944.02 exc. VAT

Stock : 7                   SKU: HO102053                   MPN: VM1A-L0N-1B1A20E
£1827.99 exc. VAT

Stock : 0                   SKU: HO102054                   MPN: VM1A-L0N-1B2A20E
£1986.90 exc. VAT

Stock : 0                   SKU: HO102055                   MPN: VM1A-L0N-1B3A20E
£1909.44 exc. VAT

Stock : 0                   SKU: HO102056                   MPN: VM1A-L0N-1B3B20E
£1946.68 exc. VAT

Stock : 3                   SKU: HO102057                   MPN: VM1A-L0N-1B4A20E
£1824.03 exc. VAT

Stock : 1                   SKU: HO102058                   MPN: VM1A-L0N-1B6A20E
£1866.22 exc. VAT

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£1946.68 exc. VAT
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