Voyager 1450g USB Kit, Ivory, PDF, 2D, Flexible Stand

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Honeywell Voyager 1450G USB Kit (Ivory, PDF, 2D, Flexible Presentation Stand)

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Voyager 1400g an area imager which comes either as a 1D or 2D variant, plus is flexible according to your requirements – that sums up the Honeywell Voyager 1400g. With it you achieve scanning speeds formerly only known from laser scanners – ideal for significantly increasing user productivity. It scans barcodes omni-directionally, thus saving the time normally spent on lining up individual codes. Whether reading from labels or displays, the imager reads barcodes quickly and reliably.
Maximize the performance of the Voyager 1400g whenever necessary: with a simple software upgrade the 1D area imager becomes a powerful scanner for PDF and/or all common 2D barcodes. This keeps you on the safe side in case suppliers or legal regulations require 2D compatibility. This also speaks for the scanner during the decision-making process of cost-conscious users, since they only pay for what they actually need – while keeping the option for future upgrades open. An increase in performance is possible at any time – when purchasing or at a later time, when the scanning requirements increase, or when the area of operation changes.
The optionally available base transforms the Voyager 1400g into a professional presentation scanner in seconds, allowing for usage in applications requiring that both hands remain free. A particular advantage: the scanner recognizes the mode automatically, so that even quick changes can be implemented.

2D barcodes are becoming increasingly popular across a wide range of industries for a number of reasons. Some enterprises have a desire to capture large amounts of data, despite space constraints, while others are being required to read 2D barcodes due to government regulations or supplier mandates. And an even larger group of enterprises simply have the desire to leverage emerging trends that require area-imaging technology, today or in the future, without needing to purchase additional scanning hardware.