Opticon H-31 and H-33 Handheld Computer

As the Android platform quickly develops, we at Opticon work simultaneously to provide our customers with the top of the line mobile computers. Proceeding a successful launch of the H-28, Opticon now offers our newest mobile computers with Android 9 capabilities, the H-31, and H-33. By integrating barcode scanning, analytics, and service solutions for industries such as logistics, postal services, healthcare, merchandising, and transportation, Opticon’s Android devices are the ideal solution for today’s mobile workforce. Both the devices are equipped with a 2D imager barcode scanner and are Bluetooth 4.1 LE and NFC supported. The distinguishing factor between the two products being, the H-33 supports 4G and WiFi, while the H-31 is WiFi only.

Opticon H-31 & H-33 Handheld Computer

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