Posiflex JIVA XT Series

With the true-flat PCAP touch screen supporting multi-touch, beautifully sculptured slim body, sexily curved base stand, the XT-5515 fits in well with any elegantly decorated store. And more than just good looks, the XT-5515 is powerful enough to handle any task imaginable that comes its way. Slimmer than ever! Every curve and detail of the XT-5515 is carefully thought out to make itself one of the most visually desirable terminals in the market. The patented foldable base of the XT-5515 enables users to adjust the screen to a height and angle of their choice, providing unparalleled flexibility. High-end CPU selection up to Intel Core i7 to choose, which delivering incomparable performance and powerful enough to process anything throws at it without even breaking a sweat. The XT-5515 comes with management and security features in Intel AMT, TPM and RAID. Solve the fan maintenance issue and provide silent mode operation, which is ideally suited for high-end boutique stores or hospital environments.

Posiflex JIVA XT Series Touch Computers


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