RT Series

Posiflex RT Series

The RT-5015 radiates in its new design – featuring an ultra-slim and sleek look that exhibits elegance. It is uncompromising to the space requirements and provides better cable management and easy maintenance. The RT-5015 is taking POS terminal design into the next level, setting your brand image apart from the others. With sleek contours, ultra-slim body, and linear rear cover surface, the RT-5015 features a 15″ PCAP touch screen, and full suite of ports that are hidden in the clean rear cover. No screws can be found on its surface maintaining a neat and sleek look. The patented fan-less technology allows the terminal to run quietly in all kinds of harsh conditions and – at the same time – provides a long service life. Advanced cable management design delivers a truly clutter-free station. The standard base can house the optional Powered USB or USB extension module, while the optional base integrates a UPS backup (RB-5000) for the event of a power failure. Rear cover can be removed easily and without tools, thus allowing faster installation and serviceability. The terminal can be shipped with customer line display or 9.7” / 10” 2nd customer facing LCD display attached and folded, saving deployment time as well as shipping costs.

Posiflex RT Series Touch Computers

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