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Star Micronics TSP100 POS Receipt Printers

The Star TSP100 Thermal Receipt Printer is Star’s best selling printer worldwide and the first software-driven thermal POS receipt printer to provide an immediate plug & play application. This allows retailers to tailor and continuously modify all aspects of receipting output to meet their individual needs.

Combining Star quality and reliability at an affordable price, the TSP143 receipt printer offers paper and energy saving features plus a 4 year warranty as standard. The Star TSP143 POS receipt printer is incredibly simple to set up and comes with everything you need included in the box.

The Star TSP100 receipt printer has the following models; TSP143IIECO USB, TSP143IIIU USB, TSP143IIILAN Ethernet, TSP143IIIWLAN Wireless LAN and TSP143IIIBI Bluetooth versions of TSP100 futurePRNT Series.

Star TSP100 Receipt Printer

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    3 Inch

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