Star Micornics TSP800II Receipt Printer

The Star TSP800II Receipt Printer is a unique and versatile thermal printer capable of printing on wider than average media up to 112mm wide. Combined with a unique A4 raster driver capable of scaling an A4 image onto 112mm wide paper, the Star TSP 800 Printer can be integrated as a cost effective receipt, ticket or label printer or an easy-to-use and compact alternative to standard A4 invoice or report printers in retail and hospitality environments with significant paper and consumables cost savings. The Star Micronics TSP800II also has logo store capability, which adds professionalism to the receipt and will help decrease the total print time. An optional wall or shelf mount bracket allows the TSP800II receipt printer to be placed anywhere it is needed or will fit for a space-saving option. All TSP800’s are equipped with a cartridge type interface, which in turn makes changing the interface a snap, especially for end users.

Star Micronics TSP800 POS Printer

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    4 Inch

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