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Star Micronics Compatible Bluetooth Receipt Printer TSP143IIIBI-GRY
Star Micronics Compatible Bluetooth Receipt Printer TSP143IIIBI-WHT

Uber Eats Printers

Hyperstore has partnered with Uber Eats to offer printers that are fully compatible with the UberEats App. These Uber Eats compatible receipt printers will work seamlessly with the tablets Uber Eats provides to make sure that all orders can be printed immediately. All Uber Eats printers use standard 80mm till rolls (with exception of L200) so there is no need to buy paper especially for it.

Uber Eats Printers printers are simple to set up and print direct from the UberEats app with no extra steps needed. Options include the TSP143, TSP650 and the L200 all from Star Micronics, one of the largest printer manufacturers in the world.

Uber Eats TM-M30II is the latest edition to Epson’s receipt printing range, boasting USB and ethernet connectivity on top of the standard Bluetooth required for Uber Eats Printers.

Uber Eats Compatible Receipt Printers

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Stock : 15                   SKU: UberEATS1                   MPN: TSP143IIIBI-GRY
£240.58 exc. VAT

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£273.38 exc. VAT

Stock : 13                   SKU: UberEATS3                   MPN: TSP654IIBI-24-GRY
£253.42 exc. VAT

Stock : 0                   SKU: UberEATS4                   MPN: TSP654IIBI-24-WHT
£268.55 exc. VAT

Stock : 100                   SKU: UBEREATS5                   MPN: SM-L200
£175.00 exc. VAT

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£228.00 exc. VAT
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