Unitech MS852 2D Imager Scanner

Easy and intuitive design combined in one scanner, the new unitech MS852 handheld scanner delivers the simple way to make your checkout line faster and efficiency for all retail solutions from point-of-sale systems, loyalty cards, mobile payments and electronic coupons in retail store to general purpose hospitality scanning.

• Lightweight design: Only 147g without cable
• Support most 1D / 2D barcode on mobile screens, even damaged or poorly printed barcodes
• Long lifecycle trigger design: Up to 10,000,000 times.
• Auto switching function between trigger mode and presentation mode with its stand
• Ultra-rugged design: IP42 and 2.1m drop spec
• Louder beeper and brighter LED indicators for easily recognizing feedbacks

Unitech MS852 Barcode Scanner

SKU: MS852

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