Zebra 110Xi4 Performance Label Printer

The 110Xi4 is Zebras flagship printer, it offers fast, 14-ips print speeds and is designed for applications with high duty cycles. The workhorse of the Xi product line, the Zebra 110Xi4 printer was built on the legacy of the Xi series of products. The 110Xi4 performance label printer was developed to improve overall operational productivity and efficiency in a variety of environments. The Zebra 110Xi4 printer provides a 4.0 (102 mm) print width and with 203-, 300-, or 600-dpi (8, 12, or 23.5 dots per mm) print resolution.

The Zebra 110Xi4 printer is ideal for a variety of applications, including top-side and bottom-side circuit board labeling, product identification labels, serial plate labels, product labels, surgical tools and equipment, diagnostic kits, vials and slides, and others.

Zebra 110Xi4 Performance Label Printer

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    4 Inch

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