Zebra 220Xi4 Printer Range

Built for high-volume applications and harsh environments, Zebra’s Xi4 Series label printers deliver superior print quality and reliabiltiy. Boost productivity with faster print and connexion speeds, and reduce downtime with early warning. The Zebra 220Xi4 printer range is legendary for durability, outstanding print quality, fast throughput, long life and unparalleled reliability in demanding applications. These qualities translate into low total cost of ownership, making them an ideal smart investment for businesses that require wide labels. The Zebra 220Xi4 label printer is easy to integrate with a variety of network connections. ZebraLink Solutions provide remote printer management capabilities. The front panel display simplifies setup and has an optional customisable menu and support for a wide assortment of languages.

Zebra 220Xi4 Performance Label Printer

SKU: 220Xi4
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    8 Inch

Stock : 0                   SKU: ZE242863                   MPN: 223-8KE-00003
£5691.42 exc. VAT

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£6481.39 exc. VAT

Stock : 0                   SKU: ZE256947                   MPN: 220-8KE-00103
£6322.69 exc. VAT

Stock : 0                   SKU: ZE257115                   MPN: 220-8KE-00003
£5532.72 exc. VAT

Stock : 0                   SKU: ZE60612                   MPN: 220-80E-00103
£6032.91 exc. VAT

Stock : 5                   SKU: ZE60613                   MPN: 220-80E-00203
£5433.11 exc. VAT

Stock : 0                   SKU: ZE60614                   MPN: 223-80E-00103
£6191.62 exc. VAT

Stock : 0                   SKU: ZE60615                   MPN: 223-80E-00203
£5787.07 exc. VAT

Stock : 71                   SKU: ZE60619                   MPN: 220-80E-00003
£5061.07 exc. VAT

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£5401.65 exc. VAT
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