Zebra DS4608 2D Scanner

Shrink lines and deliver an in-store experience that keeps customers coming back again and again. The feature-rich DS4600 Series for Retail helps associates scan items of
all sizes, read barcodes in nearly any condition and handle transactions of all kinds. Bulky items in a shopping cart, a customers drivers license at the returns desk, a mobile coupon at checkout, tiny barcodes in the jewelry department, data from a travel document, the DS4600 Series does more for your whole store. Bulky and heavy items wont slow down your checkout lines. With an industry-leading 28-inch scan range on UPC codes and bright aim dot, its easy for checkout associates to scan items in a shoppers cart without leaving the cashwrap. No matter what kind of data you need to capture, the DS4600 Series is ready for the job. Scan barcodes on a mobile phone. Capture tiny barcodes on jewelry tags, or DotCode and dotted DataMatrix barcodes through cellophane. Read wide barcodes on packages. Collect data from IDs. Parse drivers license information. And much more. Empower every associate to scan like your best associate. An 800 MHz microprocessor, high-resolution megapixel sensor and Zebras exclusive PRZM Intelligent Imaging technology provide instant barcode capture on even the most challenging barcodes.

Zebra DS4608 Barcode Scanner

SKU: DS4608

Stock : 0                   SKU: ZE99974                   MPN: DS4608-DP7U210EZVR
£558.63 exc. VAT

Stock : 5                   SKU: ZE99975                   MPN: DS4608-HD7U2100AZW
£160.63 exc. VAT

Stock : 136                   SKU: ZE99976                   MPN: DS4608-SR7U2100SGW
£175.78 exc. VAT

Stock : 1388                   SKU: ZE99977                   MPN: DS4608-SR7U2100AZW
£160.47 exc. VAT

Stock : 0                   SKU: ZE99978                   MPN: DS4608-HD7U2600ZCW
£208.99 exc. VAT

Stock : 3                   SKU: ZE99979                   MPN: DS4608-HD7R1300ZCW
£196.56 exc. VAT

Stock : 7                   SKU: ZE99980                   MPN: DS4608-HD7U2100SGW
£175.95 exc. VAT

Stock : 0                   SKU: ZE99982                   MPN: DS4608-DPE0007VZRW
£542.57 exc. VAT

Stock : 20                   SKU: ZE99983                   MPN: DS4608-HD00007ZCWW
£178.43 exc. VAT

Stock : 0                   SKU: ZE99984                   MPN: DS4608-DL00007ZZWW
£167.41 exc. VAT

Stock : 0                   SKU: ZE99985                   MPN: DS4608-HD00007ZZWW
£158.11 exc. VAT

Stock : 127                   SKU: ZE99986                   MPN: DS4608-SR00007ZZWW
£158.11 exc. VAT

Stock : 124                   SKU: ZE99987                   MPN: DS4608-SR00006ZZWW
£148.86 exc. VAT

Stock : 0                   SKU: ZE99988                   MPN: DS4608-HL00007ZZWW
£167.41 exc. VAT
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