Zebra DS7708 Scanner

When it comes to on-counter scanning, the Zebra DS7708 offers a feature set that puts it at the top of its class for performance, ease of deployment and total cost of ownership. No matter what barcodes appear at your POS, the Zebra DS7708 can scan them all; 1D, 2D, printed and electronic. With its compact design, the Zebra DS7708 scanner can easily be installed in even the most space constrained checkout lanes. And extraordinary durability minimizes costs and protects uptime, maximizing device lifecycle and your return on investment. A field of view that is over 50 percent larger than competitive 2D imagers enables easy capture of bar codes, regardless of where they are located on an item. Scanning is truly second nature. No need to orient an item to capture the bar code.

Zebra DS7708 Barcode Scanner

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