Zebra LS1203 Bi-Directional Handheld Scanner

This bi-directional Zebra LS1203 handheld scanner handles all 1D barcodes and is ideal for small retailers. It delivers the functionality, features and reliability needed to improve operational efficiencies from the check-out line to the storeroom. It minimizes manual keying, ensures accuracy in all customer transactions, and it automates paper-based inventory processes. The device easily integrates multiple interfaces to help ensure connectivity to a host and PC system. For point of sale check-out applications, the Zebra LS1203 scanner provides the power to improve operational efficiencies right out of the box. The plug-and-play design virtually eliminates installation hassles. The intuitive ergonomic design eliminates training requirements — employees are up and running in minutes. With a single board construction and durable scan element, the Zebra LS1203 barcode scanner can easily stand up to daily use and those inevitable drops. The Zebra LS1203 handheld scanner ensures minimal maintenance costs and maximum uptime. Integrated multiple interfaces ensure that the scanner you buy today will work with tomorrow’s POS system.

Zebra LS1203 Barcode Scanner

SKU: LS1203

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£1978.82 exc. VAT

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£89.72 exc. VAT

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£89.72 exc. VAT

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£89.58 exc. VAT

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£84.19 exc. VAT

Stock : 0                   SKU: MO4067                   MPN: LS1203-CR10001R
£76.32 exc. VAT

Stock : 40                   SKU: MO4068                   MPN: LS1203-CR10007R
£71.69 exc. VAT

Stock : 53                   SKU: MO67807                   MPN: LS1203-HD20007ZZR
£91.08 exc. VAT

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£99.47 exc. VAT
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