MC2200 & MC2700

Zebra MC2200 and MC2700 Handheld Rugged Touch Computer

When it comes to empowering workers in small and medium-sized businesses, the MC2200 and MC2700 deliver ‘no compromise’ affordable mobility. Connect practically any worker, anywhere with the WiFi-only (MC2200) and WiFi/cellular data (MC2700) options. The touchscreen and keypad provide superior application flexibility. Unparalleled ergonomics set the bar for comfort. The right level of ruggedness delivers dependable operation.

Zebra MC2200 & MC2700 Handheld Computer

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Stock : 10                   SKU: ZE0000051                   MPN: MC220K-2B3S3RW
£445.30 exc. VAT

Stock : 4                   SKU: ZE0000052                   MPN: MC220J-2A3S2RW
£372.80 exc. VAT

Stock : 454                   SKU: ZE0000053                   MPN: MC27BK-2B3S3RW
£496.76 exc. VAT

Stock : 134                   SKU: ZE0000054                   MPN: MC27BJ-2A3S2RW
£424.40 exc. VAT

Stock : 120                   SKU: ZE0000055                   MPN: MC27BK-4B3S3RW
£515.65 exc. VAT
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