Zebra PS20 Personal Shopper

Give your customers the ultimate personalised shopping experience in the palm of their hands. Shoppers simply pick up the PS20 as they enter your store when they grab their cart so they can scan and bag as they shop. In real-time, they’ll know how much is in their basket, where to find the best deals, and experience instantaneous checkout. The PS20 personal shopping solution builds on the successful, proven MC18, adding features that propel this ‘double-duty’ device to the head of its class. It delivers revolutionary in-store service to your customers, while adding increased productivity for your staff. Store associates can click and collect items for online order fulfilment, perform price cheques, provide in-aisle customer assistance and perform line busting to help customers check out quickly.

Zebra PS20 Handheld Computer

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Stock : 38                   SKU: ZE010988                   MPN: PS20J-B2G1A600
£743.80 exc. VAT

Stock : 15                   SKU: ZE010989                   MPN: KT-PS20J-B2G1A600
£7073.70 exc. VAT

Stock : 42                   SKU: ZE010990                   MPN: PS20J-P4G1A600
£816.23 exc. VAT

Stock : 81                   SKU: ZE010991                   MPN: KT-PS20J-P4G1A600
£7890.51 exc. VAT
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