Zebra TC52ax Mobile Touch Computer

The Zebra TC52ax builds on the best-selling TC52x Series rugged handheld mobile computers. Wi-Fi 6 quadruples bandwidth and capacity, has lower latency, reduces power consumption, and better security with WPA 3. The Zebra TC52ax mobile computer provides Wi-Fi 6 technology enabling up to 8x faster throughput speeds, 10x better traffic density and lower latency than previous Wi-Fi technologies. With Zebra’s TC52ax you get maximum computing power to handle the apps of today and tomorrow, rich locationing support, power-saving faster and more reliable Wi-Fi connections; rich locationing support; high-quality voice; a 13 MP color rear camera for high-resolution photos and videos, a front-facing 5 MP color camera for facial recognition and video calls, and much more.

Zebra TC52ax Handheld Computer

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