Zebra TC70/75 Handheld Mobile Computer Series

A rugged design for reliable everyday operation in the most demanding outdoor environments, the Zebra TC70x/TC75x Touch Computer Series gives you the Android operating system with everything you need to streamline your workflows and maximize your return on investment — from world-class voice and data features to snap-on accessories that let you add new capabilities, when and where you need them. The right device for your workers. The right device for your business. With up to four times the loudness of popular smartphones and noise cancelling technology, the Zebra TC70 and the TC75 both provide crystal clear audio on both ends of every call. Support for Workforce Connect Push-to-Talk Express and Pro provides an instant connexion to co-workers in the field, plus supervisors and other support staff back in the office creating a highly collaborative workforce that can respond instantly to customer needs.

Zebra TC75 Handheld Computer

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