Zebra ZT421 Label Printer ZT42162-T0E00C0Z - Zebra ZT421 Mid Range Label Printer

Zebra ZT421 Industrial Printer

Fast and reliable, the Zebra ZT421 Mid Range Label Printer series has a 4.3-inch full-colour touch display to see printer status at a glance and quickly make settings changes. It has a print width of 6 inches and can print up to 12 inches per second.

Drive productivity with the ZT400 Series. Constructed with an all-metal frame and bi-fold door, these printers are durable and allow easy access.

The 4.3-inch full-colour touch display with an intuitive interface makes them easy to use and shows colour-coded printer status alerts.

Configure your printer your way with advanced technology, along with two open communication slots. These printers keep your critical operations running efficiently, and give you the flexibility to add features as you need them.

Available in three print resolutions and two print widths, the ZT400 Series addresses a broad array of applications. They are easy to integrate and manage with Zebra’s Print DNA suite of applications, utilities and developer tools—all powered by Link-OS.

Introducing the new ZT411 and ZT421 Industrial printers from Zebra:

This printer series includes:

Zebra ZT421 Mid Range Label Printer

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    6 Inch

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